The Publishing House of PWSTE respectfully asks authors of articles to abide by our guidelines, helping us to achieve consistent and high standards of publication. Please take time to read these guidelines and apply them to your work. Thank you.

    • Articles should have between 12,000–20,000 words
    • Articles should be written in English
    • An electronic version of the article on CD as well as a paper version should be submitted
    • Articles should contain details of the authors’ academic institution and academic titles
    • Contact details including address, email and telephone number should also be given
    • Articles should contain a short summary and keywords
    • Articles should be submitted in B5 (ISO) format
    • Text should be in single spacing, 11 pt Times New Roman
    • Tables – sequentially numbered, title: 10 pt, Times New Roman, bold, always at the top of the table, the source to be cited beneath
    • Charts and diagrams should be presented accordingly
    • Quotations take single inverted commas e.g. ‘the new strategy’
    • The Harvard style of citation (in-text citations), not footnotes, should be used where the author’s name and year of publication is given, for example:

    It is stated that … (Bloggs, 2007) or Bloggs (2007) states …

    • If you are directly quoting material (i.e. using the exact form of words used in the original and putting the text in quotation marks), include the page number(s) of the quoted material in your in-text citation, for example:

    Bloggs talks about ‘the importance of preparation’ for interviews (2007, p. 57).

    • References should be arranged first alphabetically and then further sorted chronologically if necessary. More than one reference from the same author(s) in the same year must be identified by the letters 'a', 'b', 'c', etc., placed after the year of publication for example:

    (Thomson, 2004a), (Thomson, 2004b) and (Thomson, 2004c) where a, b and c refer to the order in which they are cited in your text. Reference order example: Bourdieu, P. (1992) The Logic of Practice, Cambridge, Polity.

    • If a publication has three or more authors the in-text citation should list only the first author followed by et al. (‘and others’). For example:

    (Jones et al., 2006) but in the reference list or bibliography you would list each author in full as follows: Jones, R., Andrew, T. and MacColl, J. (2006) The Institutional Repository, Oxford, Chandos Publishing.

    • Citing multiple sources – where you have several in-text citations together, you should order them in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recently published source, and separate each source with a semicolon (;). If more than one work is published in the same year, order these texts alphabetically by author.

    (Frobisher, 2012; Barnes et al., 2009; Huy, 2009; Monk and Bosco, 2001)

    • If any question please refer to Harvard style of citation.
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