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    A multiplicity of issues associated with charity, philanthropy and social work have been commanding the attention of the academic community for a long time, in Poland and in other countries. This attention reflects the continuing development of the cultural life of communities in many regions of the world. In tandem with this dynamic development of cultural life and human thought, there is a particular concern for people who are excluded and for those in need. Thus the scope of initiatives in the field of charity, philanthropy and social work is constantly expanding and clearly evident at the beginning of the twenty-first century. This expansion contributes to the flourishing of academic and theoretical insights into these issues.

    As we rise to the challenge of meeting the latest expectations of academics and scholars, we are taking the initiative to launch a new scholarly journal entitled Charity, Philanthropy and Social Work. The journal's mission is to present significant original texts contributed by experts in these fields from a range of countries. We extend an invitation to you to offer such texts for publication. Our intention is to approach issues surrounding charity, philanthropy and social work not only from a historical aspect but also though the prism of research undertaken by academics, sociologists, teachers, philosophers, economists and those representing the medical sciences.

    The founders of the journal intend that Charity, Philanthropy and Social Work will offer a platform to deepen deliberations about practice and theory. We aspire to publish articles which will enrich historical and contemporary knowledge by reflecting ideas and best practice in a diversity of countries. Our hope is that this sharing of knowledge and experience will inform and encourage the direction of diverse initiatives and programmes as they are implemented.

    One of our inspirations for publishing Charity, Philanthropy and Social Work in Jarosław was the introduction of a new, specialist course in social work at The Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics. We also take inspiration from the patron of our institution, the blessed priest Bronisław Markiewicz, who devoted his life to the needs of young people in poverty and became a leading pioneer of social work in Poland.

    We have already invited many scholars from Poland and abroad to bring their expertise to the new journal, and we now invite expressions of interest from other academics who may wish to explore the possibility of service on the journal's Academic Council or its circle of reviewers.

    Professor Wacław Wierzbieniec

    Chief Editor, Charity, Philanthropy and Social Work

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